A Line is Not a Line
Art Gallery of Ontario
Toronto, Canada
September 3, 2015

A Line is Not a Line turns a critical eyes towards the initial conceit of the 2015 exhibition Picturing the Americas at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada, namely that ‘we are all connected’ and examines the nature of visualizing landscapes as a technology of colonialism. Using Google Streetview and Earth as a contemporary analog to these technologies of power, A Line is Not a Line unpacks how we visualize and understand borders and bordering in global economies and ecologies marked by migration, extraction, and exploitation. The work will interrogate how this technology, like colonial landscape painting before it, reduces landscapes through a process of cultural and bodily erasure, flattening a multiplicity of subjectivities under the totalizing subjectivity of the colonial gaze. The work consists of two elements integrated into an immersive multi-screen video installation work. The first element is a video essay that unpacks the concepts explored in the work in a interplay of poetic musings and factual interrogations. The second component of the work consisting of 8 screens arranged in two berm-like arrangements, establishing a passageway between them. These screens display videos composed of Google Streetview scenes from Border cities in Canada, USA, and Mexico visualizing the border from either side of the boundary line, establishing the border itself within the passage of the viewer.

A Line is Not a Line as part of CITIZENSFIVE
Art Athina
Athens, Greece
May 26-28, 2017
Curated by Alexander Burenkov