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The Observatory for Riparian Repose is a story told in wind and water. Inspired by ancient bâdgir (wind catcher) designs of Iran, this immersive sculpture funnels ambient breeze into a strong directional wind that encounters a pool of liquid beneath the structure. Originally, bâdgirs served as passive cooling systems in hot desert climates, directing atmospheric winds into subterranean cisterns en route to domestic interiors. Observatory for Riparian Repose adapts the form of the bâdgir, detached from its intended function, with the aim of creating an environment for contemplating the enmeshing of elements. Through sculptural and textual additions, a story implicates this bâdgir within a broader narrative that ties together histories of extraction, collective madness, tellurian toxification, and the invention of solar time.

Observatory for Riparian Repose
Work of Wind: Air, Land, and Sea
Curated by Christine Shaw
Produced by Blackwood Gallery
Southdown Industrial Area
Mississauga, Canada
Sept 14-23, 2018

Review: CBC

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