Water Walk Sky Artist Residency and Exhibition Space
July-September 2012
Toronto Islands, Toronto

Water Walk Sky Artist Residency and Exhibition Space is a floating 8'x8'x8' room located on the Toronto Islands. Water Walk Sky provides artists with a free residency ranging from a day to two weeks in which to create and present work. Funded entirely by artists and crowd sourcing, Water Walk Sky is committed to experimentation and exploration of space and context.

Roof Construction by Casey Wong: http://citradesign.tumblr.com/


Past residents include:

Melissa Fisher: http://melissa-fisher.com/
Faye Mullen: http://www.fayemullen.com/
Vanessa Rieger: http://vanessarieger.wordpress.com/
and Kaitlin Till Landry: http://till-landry.com/

Special Thanks to: Vanessa Rieger, Melissa Fisher, Casey Wong, Don Miller, Vince Vining, Lisa Cristinzo, Whippersnapper Gallery and anyone who helped move the project on its many journeys. Also thanks to the funders: Julia Dickens, Sara Aguirre, Lisa Cristinzo, Laura Maize, Dan Epstein, Cia Mellegers, Vince Vining, Charley Wu, Kristen McCrea, Shannon Gerrard, Claire Bargout, Michelle Kuran, and countless Anonymous individuals.