Daily Paper
11 Page Continuous Computer Paper
Dot Matrix Print
Archival Envelope and Box
Once Daily

Available at:
Art Metropole
No Foundation

Text Description:
Daily Paper is a continuation of Conversations, a time-based installation work by Felix Kalmenson presented as part of The Archivists group show at Xpace, Toronto, curated by Cameron Lee. Conversations consisted of a dot matrix printer mounted on an apparatus which printed on an 11 page loop of paper. The printer was set to print one of 24 news sources every hour on the hour for the duration of the show. Daily Paper is a daily version of Conversations. The news sources were determined by culling the list of most trusted news sources from newstrust.com and including ones from the artists preference.
The resultant effect is a scroll of obfuscation, the accumulation of daily events rendered illegible. Daily Paper is ultimately a failed attempt at archiving the present and an acknowledgment of our inability to objectively represent the complex events of daily life.

Al Jazeera, Associated Press, The Atlantic, BBC, Bloomberg, CBC, Christian Science Monitor, Democracy Now, Der Spiegel, The Economist, The Guardian, Huffington Post, The Independent, Inter Press Service, LA Times, McClatchy, Mother Jones, New York Times, Politifact, Reuters, RT, Times of India, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post.