Project Text:
Water Walk Sky is an immersive installation constructed in reverence of the sublimity of sky and horizon which floats off the shore of Lake Ontario and is accessed by a procession across the water. This sparse programless room is a space for appropriation through ritual and habitation. Open completely to the sky, the room also has a horizontal opening which frames the horizon. Once inhabited the room could either offer a secluded meditative environment in which to experience a framed view or could become a chaotic social space unhinged if only symbolically from the conventions and institutions of the land. The more people that entered the space the more social orders were constructed and reconstructed so as to create a very literal balancing of the space. The distribution of weight became a central task with individuals either attempting to mediate order or unravel it.

1.The Sky
2.The Launch
3.The Horizon

Walk Walk Sky
Curated by Whippersnapper Gallery
New Traditions

Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands
June 30th, 2012

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